ChatterPal Campaign WordPress Plugins For Agencies And Clients

ChatterBot2WP ChatterPal Plugins For WordPress

Are You
Adding ChatterPal Code
To WordPress?


Adding ChatterPal campaign code to a WordPress website can be a real pain!


Meet The Free ChatterBot2WP WordPress plugins


ChatterBot2WP ChatterPal Plugins For WordPress
ChatterBot2WP ChatterPal Plugins For WordPress

ChatterBot2WP Plugins

  • Provide the easiest way to add your ChatterPal campaign code to your own or to your clients WordPress websites.


  • Do all the hard work for you. You just add the campaign ID and activate.


  • Quickly generate customer demo pages using your own domain name.


  • Come with full support and upgrades.


Custom branding for ChatterPal Agency owners is also available.


There Are Two Different ChatterBot2WP ChatterPAL WordPress Plugins

ChatterBot2WP For Adding Campaigns To Your WordPress Website


ChatterBot2WP Agency For Creating Client Demo Campaign Pages To Your Agency Site

Both Plugins Have A Different Use

Current version: v 1.20

Free WordPress Plugin


This is the plugin to add ChatterPal Campaigns to your WordPress Website.

Perfect for adding a single 3D presenter & chat bot to your entire website or just the home/front page.

No more messy code injection. This plugin adds all of the code required to display your campaign.

How to use it:
On the plugin setting screen, enter your campaign ID, choose your options and save.
Your campaign will instantly appear on your website.

Current version: v 1.10

Free WordPress Plugin

ChatterBot2WP Agency

This is the plugin for ChatterPal Agency websites.

The easiest way to add demo ChatterPal campaign pages to your site.

This plugin creates a new page template that contains all the code required to display a demonstration campaign.

How to use it:
Create a new page (suggestion: name it after your potential client)
Select the template and add just the campaign ID to the content.
You can then provide your client with a demonstration using your own domain name.

Both ChatterBot2WP Plugins Are Available For Free For ChatterPal Agents & Clients


ChatterBot2WP ChatterPal Plugins For WordPress

Do You Run Your Own ChatterPal Agency?

ChatterPal Agency 3D Avatars and chat bots

Do You Want Your Own Branded Version To Give Or Sell To Your Clients?

You Can Have Your Own Custom Branded Version Of ChatterBot2WP

ChatterBot2WP PRO

Customised Plugin For ChatterPal Agency Owners


You more than likely use your own creative name for the 3D avatars and intelligent chat bots that you create and provide for your clients.




  • You've seen how useful the ChatterBot2WP plugin is.
  • You want to give it to or offer it as an extra to your clients.


  • You want your own branded version.
  • You want to give it your own name.
  • You want your own logo to appear in the settings screen.
  • You want your own URLs to appear in the settings screen.
  • You want your own Agency name used in the plugin.


Now you can!


With ChatterBot2WP PRO:


  • Your version will be named by you Eg. Your Bot Name 2 WP.
  • Your clients that use it will then see "Your Bot Name 2 WP" in their setting menu of WordPress.
  • Your own links and logos will appear in the plugin settings menu.
  • All mentions of ChatterBot & ChatterPal (except for the necessary server names) will even be removed from the plugin and replaced with your brand name.
  • Free upgrades and full support included.

Quality Plugin

All plugins have been tested with the latest version of WordPress.

Super Support

Support for allplugins is provided by the actual developer. All support requests relating to the ChatterBot2WP plugins will be handled with great importance.

Update Notifications

Optional notifications will be sent to users when important upgrades are released.

All future upgrades will be free for all users.

Note: ChatterBot2WP plugin & website is not affiliated with ChatterPal or it's associated programs or websites.
ChatterBot2WP is an independently developed plugin for WordPress created specifically for inserting ChatterPal campaign code into WordPress websites and blogs.

Questions about the plugins?

Find your answers in the Frequently Asked Questions page.