ChatterBot2WP PRO

Custom Branded ChatterPal2WP

Your Own ChatterPal Agency Branded WordPress Plugin For Clients

ChatterBot2WP Pro Custom Branded ChatterPal Agency plugin for WordPress

Attention ChatterPal Agency Owners!

ChatterPal Agency 3D Avatars and chat bots

Give Your Own Branded Version of ChatterBot2WP To Clients

You don't call your product ChatterPals or ChatterBots so why not have your own version of the ChatterBot2WP plugin that uses your own name and branding?


ChatterBot2WP PRO

ChatterBot2WP PRO & ChatterBot2WP PRO Delux

A Custom Branded Plugin For Your Agency's Clients


  • All mentions of ChatterPal & ChatterBot are removed*
  • Name the plugin anything you like
  • Contains your own business name
  • Contains your website URLs
  • Uses your branding image
  • Can have your own custom tags
  • Uses your own ChatterPal campaign code in the welcome message.
  • Uses your choice of ChatterPal servers. Your clients do not need to choose that option as you do in the free version.

* The code generated by the plugin includes references to ChatterPal servers and are necessary in order to generate the campaign on your's or your client's website. They are not visible to the end user except by inspecting the source code for the website.

Select A Version To Suite Your ChatterPal Agency & Your Clients

You have a choice of ChatterBot2WP PRO, which is a fully brandable and custom named version of ChatterBot2WP v1. Or ChatterBot2WP PRo Delux which includes both customisable versions of ChatterBot2WP v1 and customisable versions of all Future upgraded versions of ChatterBot2WP

ChatterBot2WP PRO
ChatterBot2WP PRO

$ 27 One Time Payment
  • All Mentions of ChatterPal & ChatterBot Removed
  • Give Your Plugin A Unique Name
  • Brand With Your Own Logo
  • Add Your Own URLs
  • Full Support
  • Customised ChatterBot2WP v1 (Not Upgraded)

ChatterBot2WP PRO Delux +ChatterBot2WP PRO
ChatterBot2WP PRO Delux

$ 49 One Time Payment
  • INCLUDES ChatterBot2WP Agency PRO
  • All Mentions of ChatterPal & ChatterBot Removed
  • Give Your Plugin A Unique Name
  • Brand With Your Own Logo
  • Add Your Own URLs
  • Full Support Provided
  • Customised ChatterBot2WP v1 &
  • Customised ChatterBot2WP All Future Versions
  • All The Extra Features In Upcoming Releases

ChatterBot2WP PRO
ChatterBot2WP Agency PRO

$27 One Time Payment
  • Create Client Demo Pages Using Your Own Domain Name
  • Display Your Own Pop Over With Call To Action on Demo Pages
  • Add Your Own Logo & Agency Name to Pop Over
  • Customise Pop Over Colours
  • Built in Plugin Update Notice Function

30 day money back guarantee
ChatterBot2WP ChatterPal Plugins For WordPress

Quality Plugin

All plugins have been tested with the latest version of WordPress.

Super Support

Support for allplugins is provided by the actual developer. All support requests relating to the ChatterBot2WP plugins will be handled with great importance.

Update Notifications

Optional notifications will be sent to users when important upgrades are released.

All future upgrades will be free for all users.

Note: ChatterBot2WP plugin & website is not affiliated with ChatterPal or it's associated programs or websites.
ChatterBot2WP is an independently developed plugin for WordPress created specifically for inserting ChatterPal campaign code into WordPress websites and blogs.

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